Pupa selected Valentina and Sonia Grispo, fashion & beauty bloggers who are well known on the web; with their unmistakable style and their passion for everything that is trendy, in the broadest sense, they are the perfect writers for this project that combines the world of beauty and design to the world of fashion in a natural way.

Sonia Grispo: 25 years old, geek girl, blogger since 2007, founder of the fashion and trends blog called, of the free press Spray Magazine and of a web circuit, together with her sister; she wrote two guides on women’s favourite accessories published by Astraea Editrice, cooperates as content writer with companies and brands and is an author for She defines herself as a slash girl: blogger/editor/graphic designer.

Valentina Grispo: born in 1981, multitasking by vocation, she is a freelance journalist, a beauty editor and editor for Spray Magazine, which she founded together with her sister Sonia. She wrote a guide on cosmetics and beauty, she is a blogger since 2004 and cooperated with, and several other portals and national magazines. She writes about fashion and celebrities on blog and is the co-founder of blog, which have been selected, together with TrendandtheCity by Mondadori for the IT Blogs network of,